Month: March 2012

Symptoms of Hypertension

Increase blood pressure for a period of more than 6 months is usually referred to as hypertension. Even though there are various symptoms of hypertension, they come in varied forms making it difficult to diagnose. To confirm your hypertension, you will have to check your blood pressure level. The normal level is 140/90 and levels above …

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What is Pulse Pressure?

the pulse pressure. Diabetes directly affects the blood pressure value and if this increases to a level of pulse pressure of 60mmHg, it depicts an increased risk of fatal heart attack. Unlike other increased pulse pressure values, the value when correlated with diabetes is applicable to even diabetics in their youth. Pulse Pressure There are …

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What Effects Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a major problem these days and almost every other person suffers from high blood pressure or low blood pressure levels. There are several reasons and it is essential to know what effects blood pressure. The reason might be a simple one like environmental changes to complex disease conditions. A simple reason for high …

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