Blood Sugar Log

You might have often heard diabetic patients claim that they know their present blood sugar level by the way their body feels at a moment. This is actually an intuition and this misconception can lead to worse consequences. People under this belief, take a blood sugar test only when they are feeling low or during their annual checkup times and by that time things would have gone beyond the controllable limit. The medicine dosages go high and this will force you to realize the importance of a

Blood Sugar Log.

We usually have stable insulin or diabetic medicine dosages independent of the kind or amount of food consumed and physical activity. If you record your blood sugar log 3-4 times in a day, you will be surprised with the results. You can see the high fluctuation in the levels due to the food, exercise or even a disease condition. This usually is of great help to decide the insulin dose. The blood sugar log will help you decide the foods that work the best to lower your sugar levels and thus create a proper diet plan. This will also help to define the effect of physical activity and exercise and you can thus create the perfect daily routine to keep your sugar levels lowered normally and thus can reduce your insulin dosage.

There are even experts and experienced people who even dictate the importance of taking over 8 blood sugar log reading in a day when you are ill or taking medication. With this log, your will have a better control over your diabetes condition when you are terribly sick and then intake proper medication to keep the level under control.

The blood sugar log

should basically consist of meal wise readings, daily exercise input area and the corresponding insulin intake quantity. This reading provided by your blood sugar log will help you know the progress that you are attaining in controlling your diabetes. The doctor will be more than surprised and happy to know how well you care for your diabetes and your body. They will also get their hands on the most critical information regarding your diabetic state and its control level. After a few days of blood sugar log recording, you can consult with your doctor to make the necessary changes in the insulin dosage and he can also provide you with tips on controlling your sugar level.

The only drawback of the blood sugar log is that you will have to prick yourself 4 times in the day to get 4 readings. But these pricks just give a feeling of an ant bite and are rather painless. Once you start it with dedication, in due course you will realize that it would have become a habit. Even though, creating the blood sugar log is painful, it can well help to keep the dreaded diabetes under control and save your body from the further complications that high blood sugar levels can create. The best way to ensure this is to keep a blood sugar log.

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