Causes of Diabetes – Confused?

Diabetes is spreading like an epidemic and there are several reports of death due to the diabetes. According to studies conducted, it has been reported that every fourth person of the world suffers from diabetes or is in the pre diabetic stage. This disease is such a dreadful disease that even new-borns suffers from this disease. The causes of diabetes are many; people suffer from diabetes due to various reasons. The basic outcome of the disease is in the form of increased sugar concentration in the blood which is diagnosed through blood tests. The causes of diabetes may be due to problems in production of insulin or due to the irresponsiveness of the body cells to the insulin produced by the body.

The high rate of diabetic death cases has been attributed to the unawareness among people about the symptoms and causes of diabetes. By attaining more knowledge about diabetes, people can keep away from the disease or at least stop its growth to the critical condition. People should know the common causes of diabetes and how to know if it is diabetes from the early diabetic symptoms. Frequent urination, excess thirst, hunger, fatigue, blurred vision and even sudden weight loss or gain can be diagnosed to be diabetes. The condition can be determined by a blood glucose check.

Causes of Diabetes

Understanding the causes of diabetes can help to keep away from the condition and safety prevent from diabetes. Researches are still widely going on to find the reason behind diabetes as there are several unanswered questions relating to the causes of diabetes. Yet, there are several reasons that have been found and understanding them can help to prevent oneself from being exposed to the diabetes. There are basically two kinds of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. The reasons for type 2 diabetes are different from that of Type 1 diabetes.

Genetic predisposition has been attributed to be one of the main causes of diabetes. This holds for both type1 and type2. In type1, the genes would have been wrongly coded to provoke auto immunity against the pancreatic islets of Langerhans, thus destroying these insulin producing cells. Hereditary causes of diabetes cannot be prevented, but can be kept under control with proper medication and lifestyle changes. But type 1 diabetes is less prevalent than the type2. Type 2 diabetes occurs in people of any age group, but older people are in a higher risk.

Causes of Diabetes

Overweight and excessively fatty cells have been found to be other main causes of diabetes. Due to the fat deposition on the cell tissues, the cells become insulin resistant thus leading to diabetes. Due to the current lifestyle, people consume more of calories in the form of refined foods leading to increased glucose levels in blood. The sedentary lifestyle also forms one of the causes of diabetes, as people have less of physical activities in their life. By including some kind of exercises, the excess calories can be thus burnt keeping the body away from one of the causes of diabetes. Following a good diet plan, with daily exercises and keeping away from stress can be best way to prevent diabetes.

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