Detox Diet Plan – Get Flat Belly

A detox diet plan

can do wonders in your body. You can get clear skin, reduce the occurrence of wrinkles, retard the ageing process of the body and every time you go on a detox diet plan you get a body that functions better. Cleansing and removing of toxins from the body will improve the functioning of the digestive system and thus aid in the better digestion of food making you lose weight and look slimmer. The popularity of detox diet plan is raising significantly with people looking unto this diet regimen for weight loss and general wellbeing.

Before beginning with the details of the detox diet plan, one must understand that this is a limited food diet plan and will not deliver the essential nutrients to the body. The diet should be followed only for a short period of time during which the body is cleansed. Once the cleansing period is over, the individual must return back to the normal food plan. The body can be maintained in its optimal condition after the detox diet plan by sticking to a healthy diet regimen instead of going astray.
The best way to kick start your detox diet plan is with the 24 hour fasting day.

The detox diet is a very particular diet plan and people who are suffering from some illness or is under medication, should consult with the doctor before going for the diet regimen. The diet can be started on a weekend when the body is not much strained and the 24 hour fast can be easily maintained. The 24 hour fasting period allows the intake of water, lemon juice and grapefruit juice. This is to keep the body hydrated. Lemon and grapefruit aid in the breakdown of fat.

The fasting day is followed by the raw food week where the dieter will have to feed on raw fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are simple foods and it is easy to digest. They also contain high fiber content and thus aid in flushing out the toxins and deposited fats from the body. After 24 hours of water in the initial stage of the detox diet plan, these provide the body with the essential nutrition and even strengthen the immune system of the body. After this one week, the cooked fruits and vegetables can be consumed. Do not overcook, and try baking or grilling the foods to retain their goodness.

In the first few days of the detox diet plan, the dieter is likely to face some uneasiness. This is because the normal diet routine is altered. Some might even experience vomiting, diarrhoea etc. and these will disappear in a few days’ time. Water forms a major component of the detox diet plan and at least 8 glasses of water must be consumed each day. Exercise can speed up the weight loss process triggered by the detox diet plan. IN the later stages fresh fish like trout, prawns and tuna must be included in the diet to give the dietary protein supplement. Significant change can be observed in a few weeks with the flattening of the belly.

Detox Diet Plan

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