Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

We have all heard about diabetes as it is a very common disease that has been affecting a whole lot of people round the world. You have many people in your close proximity suffering from diabetes. But, there are three divisions of diabetes, Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes. In this article you will get to know more about diabetes mellitus Type 2 variety. Diabetes mellitus type 2 is also known colloquially as sugar diabetes. The three types of diabetes are similar as they are all due to the ineffectiveness of insulin hormone.

Insulin hormone is produced by the pancreas and regulates the glucose level in blood. In a normal person, the pancreas on detecting increased blood glucose level releases insulin. Insulin activates the transportation and assimilation of glucose into the tissue to be converted into energy. If the pancreas fail to produce insulin or the insulin does not function properly, then this raises the blood glucose level considerably. Diabetes mellitus Type 2 is also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes and is the most common type of diabetes. This is caused due to the reduced secretion of insulin by the pancreas or due to the inefficiency of the body to respond to insulin.

Diabetes mellitus Type 2

Anyone is under the risk of contracting diabetes mellitus Type 2. The actual reason for getting diabetes mellitus Type 2 is not yet known, but there are several factors which have been attributed to the onset of type 2 diabetes. People with a genetic disposition to diabetes are highly under the risk of getting diabetes mellitus Type 2. People, who are overweight, have high blood pressure and/or cholesterol also come under the risk group. Sometimes pregnant women contract diabetes during their pregnancy period and this kind of diabetes is known as gestational diabetes. Women with this kind of diabetes are under the risk of developing diabetes mellitus Type 2.

There are several symptoms for diabetes mellitus Type 2 and recognizing these symptoms in the early stage can help in the diagnosis of the disease. The body maintains its osmotic balance and in this process and on detecting high blood glucose level in blood, more of water is drawn and expelled as urine. This leads to frequent urination. The excessive removal of water from the body leads to polydipsia which is a condition of increased thirst. It can also lead to increased weakness, weight loss, peripheral numbness in the feet and hands, erection problem in men, and slow healing of wounds and ulcers.

A proper diabetic diet plan, exercise and artificial insulin intake is the cure for diabetes mellitus Type 2. Reduced fat intake, zero refined sugar, increased carbohydrate and adequate protein is the right formula for a proper diabetes mellitus Type 2 diet plan. A simple exercise plan will consist of 30 minutes brisk walking, walk to nearby shops, change the sedentary lifestyle in a whole and become more active in outdoor activities. Based on the blood glucose level in blood, the doctor will prescribe the right dose of drug to treat

Diabetes mellitus Type 2.

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