Diabetes Symptoms – Realizing and Foreseeing

Diabetes is a very common illness, but dreadful too. Diabetes symptoms if left unnoticed will end up in a critical stage that can lead to loss of vision, paralysis and sometimes even death. Every day millions of people round the world are diagnosed with diabetes. The worst part about this disease is that it affects men, women, old and even the young. There are even new-borns who have been diagnosed with diabetes problem. Diabetes is an epidemic disease whose spread cannot be controlled. The prevention lies in the hands of the people by following a healthy diet plan and with regular exercise. Recognizing diabetes symptoms and early detection of diabetes will do great help in keeping the diabetes in its pre diabetes stage and even lower the blood glucose levels to the normal levels.

Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes is caused due to the decreased activity of insulin on blood glucose. This might be either due to the inability of the body to produce insulin or sometimes due to the available insulin not being able to make any effect on the blood glucose level. This causes changes in the blood glucose levels which show up as diabetes symptoms. There are basically two types of diabetes, namely type 1 and type 2. Both of them show the same diabetes symptoms, except for a few specific symptoms. Type 1 diabetes is known as insulin dependent diabetes which is caused due to the decreased production of insulin. This is characterized by diabetes symptoms like increased thirst and urination, hunger, sudden weight loss, and in crucial stages lead to blurring of vision. The person suffering from type 1 diabetes symptoms may also face fatigue. Type 2 diabetes symptoms are usually recognized with red and swollen gums, slow healing of wounds, nerve damages in addition to all type 1 diabetes symptoms.

Diabetes symptoms

may be caused due to high blood glucose levels or even due to low blood glucose levels. When the blood glucose level increases beyond normal,the body’s osmotic balance comes into play and pulls water from the body cells. This leads to increased urination along with the excess blood glucose. This puts excess work pressure on the kidneys and lead to weakening of the kidneys which is one of the critical diabetes symptoms. The urge to maintain the osmotic balance, water is also pulled from the eye balls and eventually will lead to another of the disastrous diabetes symptoms, causing loss of eye sight.

The body works on energy derived from glucose. The unavailability of this glucose for the body functions will lead to the cells depending on the stored fats of the body and finally on the muscle cells. Muscle deterioration is one of the predominant diabetes symptoms and this will eventually lead to weakness and fatigue. This energy deprivation also leads to increased hunger as one of the diabetes symptoms. The brain also depends upon glucose for its functioning and if the diabetes symptoms are left unnoticed, and then this will lead to brain damage too. People who are under the risk of diabetes should have the blood glucose levels checked regularly

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