Diabetic Diet Meal Plan – How to Benefit

Diabetes is a very common disease condition but is also a very critical one. Unless diabetes is kept under control, it can lead to worse effects. On visiting a doctor, his first advice will be to control the food habits. Diabetes treatment relies on insulin intake and a balanced diet. When you have to control your diabetes, you can get help from a dietician to get the right diabetic diet meal plant o suit your needs. They can even make the diabetic diet meal plan easier to handle and simpler in outlook.

With the diabetic diet meal plan recommended by the doctor, the patient can either get help from the doctor or on his own, make minor changes to the diet plan, mix or match the foods to suit to ones liking and tastes. But, on changing the foods, the total carbohydrate intake should be placed in the limit and no altered. After all the whole idea of a diabetic diet meal plan is to limit the intake of glucose and carbohydrates to keep the total blood glucose level under control.

The diabetic diet meal plan

differs for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes types. After confirming your diabetes type, the doctor will give you a diabetic diet meal plan to suit your diabetes type. For type 1 diabetes, the intake of sugary foods is reduce and is coupled with insulin intake to maintain the proper balance of blood glucose. While, in type 2 diabetes it is necessary that the diet be structured towards weight loss too.

Individual suffering from type 1 diabetics is required to consume the right quantity of proteins and carbohydrates in his diet. Type 1 diabetic patients are prone to several diseases of the heart, kidney and high blood pressure problems. Therefore the diabetic diet meal plan is so prepared to keep them safe from any of these diseases. The diet will have limited amounts of cholesterol, fats, carbohydrates and sodium. The diabetic diet meal plan will mainly include green leafy vegetables and other fiber rich foods. The main aim of the diabetic diet meal plan for type 1 patients will be to lower the blood pressure and maintain controlled blood glucose levels.

For type two diabetes, the diabetic diet meal plan will keep a strict watch on weight gaining foods. The food will mainly constitute fiber rich foods which help in proper digestion and ingestion. Only those foods which supplement the body with healthy fats, omega 3 fatty acids and useful carbohydrates are added in the food. The quantity of fat, sodium and cholesterol is kept low in type 2 diabetic diet meal plan. In type 2 diabetes, the body produces insulin, but is not able to counteract the high glucose levels. By eating small amounts of food in regular intervals, the body can be programmed to break down food in small quantities. The insulin produced in the body is less, so small meals are easier to act upon than large meals.

With a proper diabetic diet meal plan, any complication of diabetes can be avoided and the body can be maintained healthy.

Diabetic Diet Meal Plan

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