Diabetic Meal Plan – Fight Proper with Diabetes

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, the first thought that comes to your mind is about the food control that you have to bring about in your life. Usually your doctor will ask you to keep away from foods rich in calories. This might be the only advice you might receive and you will be prescribed medication if the blood glucose levels are high. With a diabetic meal plan, you create a proper idea about the foods you can consume and those that you cannot. There are several aspects to creating a diabetic meal plan.

Diabetic Meal Plan

The first thing to take care of is the personal liking while preparing a diabetic meal plan. Creating a tough meal regimen with foods you would never like to taste will end up with breaking the diet plan half way. By creating a diabetic meal plan, the personal meal pattern is altered to include foods that help to keep diabetes under control. The individual can get help from an expert nutritionist to create food group classifications, carbohydrate meal plan, point systems and also count the calories of foods to create a right diabetic meal plan. Meal planning is a very crucial aspect in the life of a diabetic patient and must be done with utmost care.
The earlier system of creating diabetic meal plan was to rely on exchange list diet. This is now replaced by carbohydrate diet meal plan. Carbohydrates are the major reason for the rise in blood glucose level. By limiting the amount of carbohydrate intake per meal, diabetes can be kept under control. List of foods that can be consumed is created along with their calorie count. In each meal or snack, a particular food can be replaced with another carbohydrate of the same calorie value.

The diabetic meal plan

can also be followed by people who are in the pre diabetic stage. Pre diabetic is the initial stage of diabetes and the blood glucose level lies in the border line. Following a diabetic meal plan in this stage will help to keep diabetes under control without taking in any medications. This also works for people who have a high chance of developing diabetes due to genetic predisposition or are overweight. Diabetic meal plan can also double up as a weight loss plan and help to shed some pounds. Over weight has been reported as one of the major reasons for diabetes and by maintaining proper weight, diabetes can be prevented.

A good diabetic meal plan will also include the list of foods to be avoided along with the foods that are good for diabetics. This will help to create a proper understanding of the ingredients to use and avoid in each preparation. The diabetic meal plan will also include food habits that can help to ensure proper digestion of food. Eating small quantities of food in small intervals will help in proper digestion of food rather than having three huge meals. Small changes in the lifestyle are also made to ensure that the diabetic meal plan is complete in all ways and ensures diabetic control.

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