Fasting Blood Sugar Tests

Diabetes is one among those disease conditions which require special care by the individual to keep control of the disease. Even though medication and visits to the doctor plays a crucial role, yet daily care is very important for diabetes. There are several blood sugar tests to determine the variation of the levels from the normal which will help to determine the intensity of the condition and the dosage of the medicine. Once the random blood sugar level is noticed to be above normal, then the doctor prescribes to perform the fasting blood sugar test.

The fasting blood sugar test is done early in the morning before breakfast. This is usually prescribed for type 2 diabetic patients. The normal fasting blood sugar level is between 70 and 100 mg/dl. The fasting period can be the overnight sleep period or even a day time 8 hours of strict fast. The fasting blood sugar test was the first found traditional test to confirm diabetes. Since then, even though many different blood sugar level checking tests have come into the arena, the fasting blood sugar test yet maintains its importance.

Fasting Blood Sugar

There are many diabetic symptoms to look out for to diagnose diabetes in its early stage. With fasting blood sugar, the diabetic condition can be diagnosed even before the body begins to show any diabetic symptoms. In most of the people, the initial diabetic symptom is denoted by fatigue. But people usually keep away fatigue as a common symptom caused due to weakness or pressure and fail to recognize it to be related to diabetes. With fasting blood sugar test, diabetes can be diagnosed at its pre diabetes stage itself. The fasting blood sugar test will be done twice to confirm diabetes before the doctor prescribes any medication. This is a sure test for diabetes and prevents the chance of any misdiagnosis.

The individual should not even consume water in this 8 hour time and leave the body on a strict fasting period when all the utilizable blood glucose is allowed to be assimilated. After the fasting period, the blood is drawn from the veins like a normal blood test. To draw out blood, a vein spot is chosen and cleaned with antiseptic. An elastic band is used to get the pressure and the veins to pop up. The blood is drawn using a disposable needle into the syringe or a vial.

Fasting Blood Sugar

This vial is checked for the blood glucose level in mg/dl to produce the fasting blood sugar result. The fasting blood sugar test is reliable test for diabetes and remains the same for the young and the old. The test is also inexpensive and not complicated like other sugar level tests to confirm diabetes. The time required to publish the test result is also less, that accurate fasting blood sugar results can be published in a few hours or the test. Based on the variation from the fasting blood sugar normal levels, the doctor will diagnose the condition to be diabetes or pre-diabetes and prescribes necessary medication and diet recommendations.

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