Foods For Diabetics Good & Bad

On being diagnosed with diabetes, the most difficult and heart weakening fact is the cut down on the foods. You feel that you have lost yourself and that your taste buds would lose its job. Diet is one of the major aspects to keep diabetes under control. What usually happens is that, in the effort to reduce the fat and carbohydrate consumption, the vitamins and nutrient supply to the body becomes low. This will bring up other health issues. By keeping a list of healthy foods for diabetics, you can accordingly plan your meal to make it as enjoyable and fun as possible.

One of the best foods for diabetics is beans. You can find various kinds of beans in the market like kidney beans, garbanzo beans, pinto beans and much much more. You can try a new different recipe with a beans variety each day. A cup or even half of it will be enough to serve the nutritional requirement of the body each day. Beans can provide the body with essential potassium and magnesium and also add to the fibre content of food. Beans is a great source of protein and replace meat as protein source in diet.

Foods For Diabetics

Green leafy vegetables form a major part of foods for diabetics due to their zero calorie and high nutritional content. They provide the body with Vitamin A, E and fibre. Mix in a little olive oil and garlic crushed to a salad preparation of beans, kale, spinach and collards, and you have a great tasting wholesome healthy salad. You do not have to bid farewell to those sweet fruits like lemons, oranges or grapefruits. They give enough of Vitamin C and can be consumed in small amounts. Berries also do great as foods for diabetics. They have anti-oxidant properties and are also filled with vitamins and fibre.

Foods For Diabetics

Talking about sugars, you can have fruits, berries, yam and sweet potatoes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Prepare a list of foods for diabetics to be avoided and place sugary sweets on the top most of the list. They are the most tempting bad foods for diabetics and they have the capacity to increase the blood glucose level instantly. Refined sugar must be completely avoided in any form. Fats are the worst foods for diabetics as they can lead to weight gain and also alter the functioning of the cells. There are certain fats which will not allow the glucose to reach the cells and lead to diabetes condition.

Other foods for diabetics to be avoided are white rice, white flour and white bread made out of it. Some people feel that honey is not sugar and can be included in the foods for diabetics. Honey is sugary and high in carbohydrates and therefore should not be included in the foods for diabetics. Caffeine and alcohol, though not a part of the diet, should be completely avoided when following the foods for diabetics meal plan. In spite of keeping away from certain foods, the total foods for diabetics intake must be reduced considerable.

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