Gymnema sylvestre – The Diabetic Wonder Herb

Gymnema sylvestre

is truly is a wonder herb which has been found to be a powerful medicine against diabetes. The herb is popularly known in India as Gurmar, which means ‘sugar killer’. It was used to treat high sugar levels way back in the 1920 itself. The leaves of Gymnema sylvestre have been used by Ayurvedic doctors to treat diabetes and obesity. It was in recent times, that after several researches that the insulin triggering capacity of Gymnema sylvestre was open to the modern world. The leaves of the plant increase the insulin production of the body and ta the same time lowers the serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Gymnema sylvestre leaves contain a bioactive acid known as gymnemic acid along with the other plant constituents. This gymnemic acid has been found to contain antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-sweetener properties which make it work effectively against diabetes. The anti-diabetic property of Gymnema sylvestre is not rapid like the prescription drugs, but gives prominent result when used consistently for longer period of time. The molecular structure of the gymnemic acid has been found to be similar to that glucose and thus attach to the glucose cell receptors, thus lowering blood glucose level.

It has also been used in people who have an extra craving for sweet foods and their diabetic condition forbids them from eating it. In such people, the extract from the Gymnema sylvestre leaf has been found to lower their liking for sugary substances. When dropped on the tongue prior to meal, the tongue loses its sweet sensation and any sugary food will seem tasteless. This can thus help to stop the endless craving for sweet food. The gymnemic acid, having the structure of glucose attaches to the receptors in taste buds and thus when sugar molecules come in contact with the taste buds, they fail to activate the taste buds, thus reduce the cravings for sweet foods.

Gymnema sylvestre

contains active components which stimulate the beta cells of the pancreas to produce insulin and also helps in their rejuvenation and regeneration from its damaged condition. Due to its action on lipids, triglycerides and fatty acids, it is also being used as a weight loss drug. The fact that most of the diabetic patients tend to be suffering from high cholesterol levels, makes Gymnema sylvestre even more popular. The action of Gymnema sylvestre on Type 2 adult onset diabetes have been proved by researches conducted on lab animals.

The role of Gymnema sylvestre on cholesterol and type 2 diabetes still going on, yet testimonials of users say that they have found it effective. Gymnema sylvestre is an effective herb drug, and people who are on diabetic medication should check with the doctor before consuming the herb, even though it is a non-prescription drug. People who have slightly high blood sugar levels and are not on any kind of medication, can simple rely on Gymnema sylvestre to have the blood sugar levels under control. Combined with proper diet and exercise, Gymnema sylvestre can help in a great way to keep diabetes under control.

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