HGC Diet – Before Making Decision

The rush to find a solution to lose weight easily ended Dr A.T.W Simeons with hgc diet plan. You might be wondering what hgc actually is, hgc is the hormone, Human chorionic gonadotropin which is produced only by pregnant women. You might have comes across hcg urine test which detects if the women is pregnant or not. Dr Simeons noticed the weight loss property of hgc when boys who were treated with the hormone for underdeveloped gonads, lost weight quickly by reducing the food intake automatically without causing any hunger strikes in the boys. It was after 2 years of research that he released the potentials of the hgc diet.

The hgc diet works best for diabetic patients. But it is very essential that the patient must consult with the doctor before going on with the diet. The doctor will be able to confirm that the medication for diabetics do not interfere with the hcg hormone. The doctor will also keep a check on the sugar levels and will prescribe the medicine dose based on the hgc diet. This will ensure that the blood sugar levels do not go low due to excess medical dosage.

The hgc diet

as proposed by Dr. Simeons is a 26 day plan. Of this the first 23 days of strict hgc regimen with daily hcg doses. Sometime, the time period of the hgc diet is extended to even 43 days. Whatever be the time period, the last three days are carried out without the hcg injection. These 3 days is the period given for the body to expel all the excess hcg hormone so that the individual can follow normal diet. The hcg dose must not be taken after 40 days as the body produces immunity to the hormone after 40 days.

You might feel that with hgc diet, you can easily munch away your favourite foods and simply take the hormone dosages. Hgc diet involves a strict food plan in spite of the hormone doses. The daily calorific value should be reduced to a mere 500 calories per day. After the third dose, the body will begin to assimilate the hcg hormone and this brings about the conversion of stored fats into energy. Hcg has the capacity of releasing the stored fats easily. This provides the body with the energy and calories required to carry on. The energy needs of a normal person will be met automatically without causing any hunger problems.

Hgc diet

should be taken up only up to the body loses weight and considerable changes can be seen. This is because, once all the stored fat is burned down, the body will begin to act adversely towards the calorie plan. The hgc diet is a strict plan and if you do not abide by the plan, then you can still make up for the loss by feeding on water and six apples for the next 24 hours. The foods that are allowed in the hgc diet should be high in proteins. The quantity of starches, carbohydrates and fats should be kept low.

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