High Cholesterol Diet

We never usually care for our daily diet regime and keep on munching up on the high cholesterol diet, until the stage arises that you are diagnosed with cholesterol. We do not try to realize the harm that a high cholesterol diet does to your health and body. Continuous dependence on a high cholesterol diet will eventually lead to coronary heart condition which might end up with stroke or heart attack. We might be familiar with heart attacks and strokes, but wonder how a high cholesterol diet leads to a stroke.

Bad cholesterol along with fibrous proteins, calcium and smooth muscle cells in the body deposit in the arteries in the form of plaque. With a high cholesterol diet, increased amount of bad cholesterol enters the body and is left undigested by the system. The excess cholesterol deposits in the form of plaques and leads to atherosclerosis which causes coronary artery disease. It is very necessary to understand the foods that make up a high cholesterol diet and keep away from such foods completely or at least limit their intake. Following a proper high cholesterol diet plan is the best efficient way to keep away from high cholesterol problems.
Saturated fats are the enemies and one should be able to say ‘no’ to any kind of saturated fats for a healthy high cholesterol diet. Usually the saturated fatty foods contain high levels of cholesterol and even toxic substances. Toxic substances add to the atherosclerosis as it is not digested by the body. Stick to organic food as unnatural ingredients cause harm to the body and sometimes turn toxic on entering on the body. Stay away from processed foods especially processed fats like cheese, whole milk, sugary delicacies and red meat which had been the major part of your high cholesterol diet. You could better avoid them completely if you are on the cholesterol level border line.

High Cholesterol Diet

To put a control on your high cholesterol diet, you must consume more of green and raw foods. Fruits are one of the major ingredients in the high cholesterol diet and help to pull the cholesterol deposits out of the body. Green leafy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage etc. is filled with fibres helping in the proper functioning of the digestive system and thus promotes the digestion of cholesterol. Do not be disappointed that while on a healthy high cholesterol diet, you have to stop your non-veg foods. Lean meat and fish form an important part of the high cholesterol diet providing the body with the sufficient proteins.

Eat foods rich in vitamins as they help in the digestion of cholesterol. White breads are processed carbohydrates and add up a whole lot of calories. White breads can be replaced with whole breads. One of the most important aspects of a high cholesterol diet is to stop smoking. Smoking converts cholesterol into oxidized form which deposit as plaques. People have a misconception that eating a single healthy food along with a high cholesterol meal will be enough to maintain the cholesterol level. The whole meal throughout the day should be planned well according to the high cholesterol diet regime.

High Cholesterol Diet

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