Neuropathy Feet – Indication and Cure

Diabetes is a common condition and type 2 diabetes is more widespread than type 1. One of the common yet dangerous outcomes of diabetes is neuropathy feet. According to studies it has been reported that every second type 2 diabetes patient suffers from neuropathy feet. It’s usually common in people who have high blood glucose levels and people suffering from diabetes for years. The condition is very high in people who have been carrying diabetes for over 25 years. This condition is caused due to immense damage caused to the nerves in the feet. The condition when diagnosed to be caused due to diabetes is known as diabetic peripheral neuropathy feet.

Every kind of sugar is converted into glucose in blood. The blood that enters into the nerves is converted into fructose and sorbitol. Excess of these in the nerves, over several years will impair the functioning of the nerves and eventually destroy it. The nerves in the feet die gradually leading to loss of sensation in feet and high chances of falling in people with neuropathy feet. This condition is known as neuropathy feet. The risk is heightened due to the lesser sensory inputs in diabetic patients.

One of the most recognized neuropathy feet symptom is pain. This pain is caused due to the damaged nerves and nerve endings. Hyperglycemia also damages the blood vessels in the feet and thus leads to pain. The nerve coverings and nerve ends are damaged more and each nerve signal leads to pain. The blood vessels also get blocked and thus oxygen supply is disrupted in the feet. This pain is intense and pricking and the pain worsens at night. Usually doctors recommend anti-seizure drugs to relieve from the pain.

Neuropathy Feet

With the destruction of the nerves in the feet, it leads to loss of feeling in the feet. This kind of neuropathy feet numbness will lead to loss of any sense of pain or temperature difference in the feet. Even the blood vessels are damaged in the feet due to high glucose level. Due to this numbness, the person will not be able to feel any pain or sensation on the feet. People who suffer from neuropathy feet should consult with the doctor to have the feet checked for any cuts, blisters or wounds as they will not be able to feel any. Leaving such wounds unattended will lead to the worsening of the condition. Bacteria infection is one of the common consequences of a wound on neuropathy feet.

Neuropathy Feet

Final stage of neuropathy feet or severe cases will even end up with weak feet. This is because, with disrupted and destroyed nerves, the nerve signals do not even reach the feet. Under such a condition, the brain will not be able to control the feel or even make it move at times. Due to this weakness, it makes it difficult for the patient to drive and sometimes even walk. Controlling the blood sugar level is the only way out to prevent making the situation worse. Getting help from a physiotherapist will help to give some relief from the condition.

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