Neuropathy in Feet

Diabetes might seem a simple and easy to handle disease condition, but in the later stages, it can cause various complications. Neuropathy in feet is one such complication caused due to diabetes in which the nerves in the feet are impaired. The nerve endings in the feet become senseless and the person loses any kind of sensation in the feet. This might start as a minor tingling numbness and later advance into neuropathy in feet. The patient might not be able to sense any pain or pressure in the feet. This becomes a complication when the person fails to detect any wound or infection in the feet.

Researches are still going on to find the exact reason for neuropathy in feet caused due to diabetes. Diabetes causes various kinds of reactions in the body. It impairs the immune system of the body and sometimes the autoimmune system works against the nerves to damage it. The high blood glucose levels, high blood fat level etc. can lead to blockage of the blood flow to the feet thus leading to neuropathy in feet. Diabetes combined with smoking and alcohol consumption has also been reported to be possible reasons.

Neuropathy in Feet

Due to neuropathy in feet, the feet lose sensation. Any kind of wounds cracks or sores usually take time to heal in a diabetic patient. This when combined with neuropathy in feet, will develop into ulcer if left unnoticed. The final effect can be even amputation of the leg to prevent the spread of the infectious ulcer. Usually people fail to recognize the early symptoms of neuropathy in feet which is in the form of numbness, tingling and minor pain. It is over several years that the nerve damage takes over. The other symptoms include weakness, nausea, dizziness, urination problem and erectile dysfunction.

By recognizing the neuropathy in feet in its early stage, much can be done to keep the condition under control. The blood glucose level can be effectively controlled and maintained to prevent the further damage to the nerves and thus keep neuropathy in feet at its minimal level. One can even perform self-check-ups and even have the feet checked regularly by a doctor to ensure that the nerve damage is controlled while suffering from diabetes.

Neuropathy in Feet

Diabetic patients can become self-conscious and perform daily foot care regimen to keep oneself away from neuropathy in feet. Check the movement of the feet and make sure that there is no numbness at any point in the feet. People with neuropathy in feet cannot feel the temperature. Diabetic patients can try placing the feet in hot water and check if they are feeling the true heat of the water.

Keeping the feet and toes clean can help to prevent any kind of infection or sores which can develop into neuropathy in feet complications. After washing, the toes and the skin in between the toes have to be wiped damp to prevent any infections. Cracks and sores must also be prevented and this can be done by applying moisturiser to the feet. Keep the toenails trimmed and clean. Take care of your feet if you are a diabetic patient and thus neuropathy in the feet can be watched upon.

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