Normal Blood Glucose Levels

Diabetes is the condition where the sugar levels in blood is above the normal blood glucose levels. There are several reasons for this and the basic cause is the decreased amount of insulin in the blood or due to the resistance offered by the body to insulin action. Insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas in response to glucose levels in blood and thus brings about the breakdown of glucose to deliver energy to the cells. The normal blood glucose levels are determined by taking the levels of a normal person in whom the blood glucose is used and assimilated by the body without causing any issues.

If the blood glucose levels are allowed to differ from the normal blood glucose levels for long periods of time without taking necessary action, then it will lead several complications. The results of above normal blood glucose levels are characteristic in the beginning with tiredness, thirst, hunger, frequent urination and blurred vision. There are the signs can has to be taken seriously and consulted with a doctor to confirm diabetes. But, if even after the onset of the short term symptoms, leaving the condition unnoticed will lead to serious effects like blindness, kidney malfunction and failure, neuropathy, heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure.

Normal Blood Glucose Levels

There are many people suffering from diabetes, with almost 10% of the population of adults in United States. This rise above the normal blood glucose levels has been attributed to the lifestyle which consists of foods high in processed sugars, saturated fats and junk foods. The importance of maintaining a normal blood glucose levels has to be realized by every person. According to reports, leading a junk food lifestyle rich in fats and sugars will surely lead to diabetes. Diabetes is rather a condition and not a disease, and cannot be cured completely. This shows the importance of keeping track of the variation of the blood sugar from the normal blood glucose levels.

Normal Blood Glucose Levels

Maintaining the blood glucose level in the normal range is very crucial and useful for people in the pre-diabetes stage as proper diet and physical work outs can ensure that the pre-diabetes stage do not break out into diabetes. The level can be maintained in the normal blood glucose levels or even reduced considerably by following a proper lifestyle plan. Thus by following a great diabetes plan, anyone can live a life free from diabetes.

Before going for a rigorous plan to maintain the normal blood glucose levels, one must always find a diabetes diet plan to which one will be able to adhere to without falling off. Fatty foods especially saturated fatty acids can lead to insulin resistant diabetes. Fats get deposited in the tissues and they make the tissues insulin resistant. Carbohydrates are the main source of glucose and its consumption must be limited. Processed sugars and foods rich in calories must be totally avoided. There are several diabetic diet plans and one can choose the best suited to choose the taste and lifestyle. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, and other natural products are a must in a diet plan to maintain normal blood glucose levels.

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