Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms and Treatment

Peripheral Neuropathy is one of the least heard diseases, but yet the most common disease. Studies report an astounding 20 million people suffering from peripheral neuropathy symptoms. The intensity of the pain and affliction differ from one patient to another and this complexity makes the condition even weirder. Neuropathy means disease of the nerves and peripheral neuropathy means the disorder of the peripheral nerves. The body is controlled and coordinated by three kinds of peripheral nerves, namely sensory, autonomic and motor nerves. The transmit signals between the spinal cord and the body parts through muscles, skin and internal organs.

Peripheral neuropathy symptoms

are more prominent in the proximities of the body like feet and hands. The symptoms appear as pain, numbness and weakness. The nervous system works like the electrical wiring system and the nerves are the wires. They connect the skin, joints, muscles and the internal organs to the spinal cord and subsequently to the brain. The brain communicates with the several body parts through these peripheral nerves. Any disruption to these nerve wires can disrupt the circuit and makes it difficult to the control and coordinate the activities of the particular organs showing up as peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

The intensity of the peripheral neuropathy symptoms can be different in each person and they experience varying levels of pain and numbness. The numbness caused as a result of peripheral neuropathy symptoms, has been related with the feeling of having worn socks and gloves when they are actually gloveless and not wearing socks too. Peripheral neuropathy may be caused due to various reasons. Peripheral neuropathy symptoms might be caused due to a trauma or an accident that leaves the nerves damaged and thus coordination is lost between the body organs and is known as compressive neuropathy.

Toxic or drug induced neuropathy may arise due to the adverse effect of toxins on drugs on the body. Auto immunity that is directed against the peripheral nerves may appear as peripheral neuropathy symptoms. When neuropathy is caused due to diabetic conditions, then it is known as diabetic neuropathy and this is the most common form of peripheral neuropathy. Whatever be the cause of peripheral neuropathy symptoms, the condition usually shows up on the feet and hands. The parts take time to heal and the healing can be activated with a proper meal plan along with the treatment.

Peripheral neuropathy symptoms

have been increasingly related to deficiency of Vitamin B12. There is no set level for Vit B12 in the body, yet its intake as supplement will do some good to improve the peripheral neuropathy symptoms. It is usually the pure vegetarians who are at a greater risk of Vit B12 deficiency and the supplement can be taken in even large doses as excessive of this will do no harm to the body. Vitamin B complex supplement, Vitamin D and Vitamin E are also used to treat peripheral neuropathy symptoms. Adding omega 3 fish oil can also help to promote the healing process. Alcohol must be completely avoided and certain therapies can also cure peripheral neuropathy

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