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Pre Diabetes Diet – Be Prepared

Every other day you hear about a person diagnosed with diabetes. Life has given you one more chance to stay in good health, away from diabetes. Pre-diabetes is the stage prior to proper diabetes and the blood glucose level lies in the margin. This is the right time to make a change to your lifestyle for your own good. Changing the diet style into a pre diabetes diet and including a little bit of physical activities to the daily life can help to save you from diabetes in the pre-diabetes stage. If thepre diabetes diet is not followed and is let to develop in its own, then this will eventually turn out into type 2 adult diabetes.

It is time to act wise and turn to a pre diabetes diet before the disease gets hold over you. Following a pre diabetes diet simply is a proof of how much you care for your health. A pre diabetic diet plan is a well-researched diet that will focus mainly on low fat, zero processed sugar foods which will not add to the body weight of the person. The pre diabetic diet will concentrate on reducing the weight considerably in overweight people. The main aim will be to reduce the intake of fats, complex carbohydrates and the total calorie intake per day is also limited including more nutritious proteins and vitamins in the diet thus nourishing the body without adding up to the undigested material in the body. Exercise also forms an essential segment of a Pre Diabetes Diet.

pre diabetes diet

We all have a common inclination towards processed carbohydrates in many forms. Soft drinks, jams, pastries, candies etc. are all processed carbohydrates and they should be removed from the pre diabetes diet plan. These processed carbohydrates simply add to the calories without providing any nutrition and eventually lead to weight gain. Stick to non-processed natural carbohydrates as the source of carbohydrates. Fruits are a great source of carbohydrates. Cabbage, broccoli and lettuce add to the fiber content of food. Other natural sources of fiber are onions, celery, artichokes and radishes. Fibers make way for a better digestive process and give a good deal of energy supply to the body. The fibers in the body aid in the removal of toxins and deposited fats from the body thus helping in weight loss. Oats, rice and cereals are good foods to be included in the pre diabetes diet.

People have become too much health conscious these days that low-fat or even no-fat dairy products are readily available in the market. Even if not for a pre diabetes diet, people still prefer to be on the safer side by using low-fat products due to the fear of high cholesterol and weight gain issues. Oils like olive oil and vegetable oils are good as cooking oils. Meat consumption should be limited to lean meat which has no fat content as the aim of pre diabetes diet is to reduce fat consumption. White meat chicken and fish can be included in a pre diabetes diet. Junk foods and desserts should be kept at bay while on a Pre Diabetes Diet.

Pre Diabetes Diet

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