Protein Diet Plan – The Need

Proteins make an essential segment of the daily food regime and it does more good to your body than harm. A protein diet plan will help you lose weight rather than increase the weight. Carbohydrates and fats on the same time, store the excess energy produced form them leading to increase in body mass. The benefits that a protein diet plan can do to your body are many. Before going on such a diet plan, it is necessary that one should understand the functions and uses of proteins in the body. This is usually the most preferred diet plan by the body builders.

Taking about body builders, the first image that comes to your mind is their muscles. Proteins are the base of muscles and activate muscle development. You might feel astonished to know that with every muscle contraction and relaxation, several muscles are destroyed. But, with proper protein diet plan, these muscles regenerate and come back to their normal form without causing any issues, whatsoever. The quantity of protein intake differs according to the person. For body builders, this quantity is calculated as 1g of protein per lb. of body weight.

Protein Diet Plan

Proteins are digested by the body in a specific time period. A maximum of about 30-35 g of proteins can be optimally digested in 2-3 hours by a normal body. The time taken is lesser for liquid intakes. In the protein diet plan, the diet is so prepared to give the right amount of protein intake in the right time period. The total quantity is high for body builders and a little low for people who do not want to put on some muscles. The basic idea of creating a protein diet plan is to prepare a food regimen in which healthy food is incorporated into the diet and provides maximum nutrition without leaving any food undigested.

Consuming high amount of carbohydrates will lead to excess weight gain. At the same time, eating more of proteins will help you in weight loss. A high protein diet plan has to be more fulfilling for the stomach than carbohydrates or fats. They can give a stomach full feeling and thus lower the appetite. The high protein diet plan is combined with a low carbohydrate intake and regular exercise to gain weight loss. Protein diet plan will also ensure that the total calorie intake is reduced considerably.

Protein Diet Plan

According to recent researches, protein diet plan has been found to be effective to keep diabetes under control for type 2 diabetic patients. Protein foods are usually low in calories and the protein rich foods of the protein diet plan does not increase the glucose levels of blood. Proteins deliver amino acids to the body which has been found to help in gluconeogenesis. Protein diet plan has been proved to be effective as a weight loss regimen, and therefore it will be effective as a diabetic cum weight loss diet plan for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes due to obesity, or is at a risk of contracting diabetes due to overweight.

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