Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms Analyzing & Understanding

Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms

There are two kinds of diabetes, Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin due to pancreatic defect. In type 2 diabetes, the insulin production is not sufficient enough to remove all sugars from the blood. Type 1 diabetes is more common in people of below 40 years of age. This condition is characterized by the non production of insulin in the body and therefore the glucose level goes high. One of the best noticed type 1 diabetes symptoms is high blood glucose level.

Type 1 diabetes is also known as diabetes mellitus and in this disease condition, the beta cells of the pancreas is destroyed. The beta cells are responsible for insulin production and thus this gives rise to increased glucose in blood and urine. Treatment to prevent type 1 diabetes symptoms will include a controlled diet plan with no sugar intake. Insulin is supplied to the body to control the blood glucose level to prevent any kind of difficulty due to type 1 diabetes symptoms.

Increased urination is one of the significant of all type 1 diabetes symptoms. Due to high levels of glucose in blood, the osmotic balance in the body triggers excess of water to be pulled out from the body to maintain the balance. This improper body balance leaves you dehydrated and thirsty. This leads to increased water thirst and frequent urination to be firstly noticed type 1 diabetes symptoms.

Increased hunger is also type 1 diabetes symptoms caused due to a reflex signal sent out by the body due to the improper insulin production. Due to the low levels of insulin, lesser amount of energy is made available for the tissues and cells. In the absence of sugars, the cells send signals of hunger to get the sugars which increase your craving for food. Even after eating and drinking too much, the cells fail to get their energy. This lead to another of the several type 1 diabetes symptoms. Leaning away is one common outcome of type 1 diabetes symptoms where the muscle mass and fat deposits are all depleted off to counter the energy requirements of the body. This will lead to rapid weight loss.

When there is weight loss beyond control, there is surely fatigue which is observed as type 1 diabetes symptoms. With no glucose, the body gets no energy and all the body functions get impaired leading to weakness and fatigue. There are very complex outcomes for type 1 diabetes symptoms which are truly harmful for the body. Loss of eye sight is one of them. The liquid is pulled out of the eye balls thus leading to loss of eye sight.

Type 1 diabetes is very common in kids these days and a constant observation has to be maintained for any of the type 1 diabetes symptoms. Children usually do not know to analyze their problems and therefore the parents have to look out for any symptoms and the type 1 diabetes symptoms are similar to adults.

Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms

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