Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms – Knowing and Facing

Type 2 diabetes is the less common yet risky form of diabetes. This is also known as non-insulin dependant diabetes and is usually found in people who have a genetic pre-disposition to diabetes. The body gradually develops resistance to insulin and thus there is an increase in the blood glucose level. People who have diabetes in family history should keep a watch for any type 2 diabetes symptoms. For this it is necessary to have good knowledge about the various type 2 diabetes symptoms and spot the disease condition in an early stage.

The pancreas produces insulin which breaks down the glucose in blood and delivers the energy thus derived into the various tissues of the body. Excess of glucose is stored in the liver and is used up when required. The insulin level in the body is determined by the amount of glucose in blood. The combined action of pancreas, insulin and liver over glucose maintains its level in the body. Any alteration to this process will show up as type 2 diabetes symptoms where the body tissues develop insulin resistance. The glucose that enters the body is divided to the various parts of the body with the help of insulin and in the absence of insulin action; the body shows type 2 diabetes symptoms.

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Type 2 diabetes arises when there is no insulin to act upon the glucose that enters the body. This might be either due to the pancreas stopping the production of insulin or due to the body’s resistance to insulin. Whatever be the reason, the ultimate result is the increased glucose level in blood. The type 2 diabetes symptoms are same as hyperglycemia and most of them might seem like type 1 symptom.

One of the most prominent type 2 diabetes symptoms is fatigue. But, the problem is that fatigue can be related to any other condition and people usually do not realize that is one of the type 2 diabetes symptoms. It is usually misunderstood to be caused due to stress, tension, busy life or lack of sleep. But, yet there are people who are rather health conscious and understand the type 2 diabetes symptoms, and look out for it. When they deduce that fatigue was not caused due to any other common lifestyle issues, then a visit to the doctor is the way to find out the reason for the fatigue.

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Excessive weight gain and weight loss can be diagnosed for type 2 diabetes symptoms. With increased consumption of food, the fat in the body also increases which gets deposited in the body cells and tissues. This makes the body insulin resistant and thus weight gain can be considered to be a kind of indirect type 2 diabetes symptoms. But, a rather evident type 2 diabetes symptoms, is excessive weight loss even on eating enough food. This is because in people suffering from type 2 diabetes, the energy production is reduced leading lesser energy for the muscles. There are the type 2 diabetes symptoms in the beginning of diabetes. In later stages it can cause blurred vision, slow healing and redness and swelling of the gums.

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