Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is a very common condition prevalent round the world regardless of age, sex or race. There are various types of diabetes, yet it has been classified into two major divisions by the American Diabetes Association on 1979. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are the types of diabetes as per the common classification. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreatic islets of Langerhans and this hormone is responsible for the incorporation of blood sugar into the body cells and is later used up to meet the energy requirements of the body. Any issue relating to the production or utilization of insulin by the body leads to the different types of diabetes.

The most common of these types of diabetes is type 2 diabetes and is also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes or insulin-resistant diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, the body either fails to produce enough insulin or the insulin produced by the body fails to make its effect on the fat, liver and muscle cells where it is usually stored. This kind of diabetes is also known as adult onset diabetes as it is commonly found in people over 35 years of age. This is highly prevalent in obese people due to the increased fat content in the body making it difficult for insulin to act properly.

Types of Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is the less common of the types of diabetes and is found usually in children. Therefore, it is popularly known as juvenile diabetes. In this type of diabetes, the beta cells of the pancreas fail to produce enough insulin to meet the needs of the body, or do not produce any insulin at all. In the absence of enough insulin to move the blood glucose, the level rises in blood leading to hyperglycemia. The glucose that enters the body is not utilized and is released out through the urine. Researches are still going on to find the actual cause of the types of diabetes, yet type 1 diabetes is mainly due to auto immunity.

Of the two types of diabetes, type 1 develops slowly over time and manifests after a long period of time while type 2 can be instantly identified as the hyperglycemia is quick. Type 1 diabetes is the complicated one among the types of diabetes and the person will not be able to live without insulin. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled and maintained by following a diet plan and exercise regime if diagnosed in the pre-diabetic stage.

Types of Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is also one of the types of diabetes and as the name suggests, it develops in pregnant women during the period of gestation. This is a one of the types of diabetes, much similar to insulin resistant type 2 diabetes. It usually develops during the later stages of pregnancy and has been found to be the effect of the high hormone levels. This condition usually goes away after child birth, but if not maintained under control, the can contract other types of diabetes after birth or even become obese.

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