What are Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a very common condition these days and the main reason for his high prevalence has been accounted to our changing lifestyle. People who have a genetic predisposition to diabetes, or have been diagnosed with early diabetic stage are too eager to know what are normal blood sugar levels are. Pregnancy is another very critical period during which many expectant mothers contract gestational diabetes. They are also very eager to know what are normal blood sugar levels. According to reports, majority of the women who suffer from gestational diabetes later become permanent diabetic patients later in life.

Such people always want to keep track of their blood glucose level and try to find it out with what are normal blood sugar levels. Some people might wonder why it is necessary to know what are normal blood sugar levels. The glucose level in the body works as a life sustaining segment of the body and its role cannot be denied. Alteration in the blood glucose level, in extreme conditions can lead to medical complications. This has the ability to cause short term and even long term damages to the body.

What are Normal Blood Sugar Levels

The answer to the question of what are normal blood sugar levels will depend upon the time of the test. In a normal person, his routine check-up will include a random blood glucose check to make sure that he/she is not under risk of any kind of diabetes. This random level is 120 – 140 mg/dl and is reached within 2 hours of the test. Any variation in this range, will point toward suspicion of diabetes. In such a condition the fasting blood sugar is tested 8 hours after food and it is noted what are normal blood sugar levels for fasting person. This range stands at 70 – 100mg/dl.
Another kind of test used to determine what are normal blood sugar levels is the Haemoglobin A1C test and gives an average of the blood glucose level within the previous 3 months. It is later determined what are normal blood sugar levels, and the current reading is compared with the test. 6-7% of blood glucose in this level indicates a normal functioning. The glucose tolerance test is the test usually done for women suffering from gestational diabetes or has a genetic predisposition towards diabetes.

For some people it becomes very necessary to have good information about what are normal blood sugar levels so that they can have a constant check on their levels. The intensity of the pain will fade off after a few days as this is caused due to hyperglycemia or hypoglycaemia. People yet have not realized the importance of what are normal blood sugar levels as in adverse cases it can lead to blinding, kidney problems, of course issues with the nervous system, heart problem and the like. This can ultimately lead to nervous system breakdown and will take some time to be corrected. It is under such conditions that people realize the need for knowing

what are normal blood sugar levels.

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