What is Diabetes? – An Insight

Diabetes is very common these days that even kids know about this dreaded disease. There are over hundreds of people each day being diagnosed with diabetes in United States. But most people do not know what is diabetes actually and how it is caused. People take in shots of insulin or run behind other natural cures for diabetes without knowing the actual answer to what is diabetes. It is very necessary that every diabetes patient knows what is diabetes, and works accordingly with the help of a health practitioner to control the blood glucose levels and build up a healthy body for oneself fighting diabetes.

Before getting to know what is diabetes, it is essential to know how it is caused. Insulin is the hormone that helps in the breakdown and assimilation of glucose into energy for the body cells. The pancreas produce insulin and this along with the other glucagon hormones bring about the utilization of glucose in blood. But sometimes the pancreas produces less insulin, or the insulin that is produced by the body is not efficient enough to work on glucose. This increases the blood glucose level and thus causes high blood glucose levels in blood known as hyperglycemia. This is what is diabetes.

What is Diabetes

The next question after what is diabetes, is what are the types. Diabetes can be widely divided into four different types. The more common classification of diabetes into 2 varieties, namely Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. If you have to get some good knowledge about what is diabetes, then you should know the different between the various types too. Type 1 diabetes or juvenile diabetes is caused when the body’s immune system works against the pancreas destroying it. Type 2 is less complicated and can be controlled by changing the lifestyle and eating habits. This is what is diabetes type 2 and can be easily controlled by reducing the intake the sugar, fats and carbohydrates and also by adding a regular exercise regime.

What is Diabetes

In some pregnant women, what is known as diabetes, may develop with pregnancy and in most of the cases; the blood glucose level comes back to normal after giving birth to the baby. This kind of diabetes is known as gestational diabetes. It can also turn out into type 2 diabetes after pregnancy period. Sometimes we might come across the word pre-diabetes and might wonder what is diabetes and pre diabetes. The pre diabetes stage is the early stage of the onset of diabetes where the blood glucose level in blood is high, but not as high as to be diagnosed to be diabetes. There are very few people who keep a constant check on their blood glucose level, that they notice the diabetes at this stage. The blood sugar level lies in the border line of the normal range. Diabetes can be prevented and the blood glucose level maintained at optimum by following a proper diet and exercise regime. There are just simple answers to what is diabetes and in depth knowledge to prevent and keep diabetes under control is very necessary.

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