What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Most of know about diabetes, but what is type 2 diabetes? It is very essential to gain knowledge about what is type 2 diabetes and what its symptoms are. This is especially for people who have ancestral history of diabetes or are overweight and above 45 years of age. There are several risk factors on which you can keep a watch so that you get a good understanding about what is type 2 diabetes. There are several things, which when taken care of can keep you away from becoming a diabetes patient or at least have controlled diabetes. The things than can push you further into the risk of diabetes can be wisely avoided by knowing what is type 2 diabetes.

The HDL and LDL levels in the body should be maintained in the optimal level to ensure that the body does not give way to high blood glucose level. Even high blood pressure can eventually lead to type 2 diabetes. When you read diabetes articles, or talk with people about it, they might tell you what is type 2 diabetes, is to a genetic disorder where the inability of the body to assimilate glucose is passed on through generations.

What is Type 2 Diabetes

Gestational diabetes might also develop into type 2 diabetes soon after pregnancy or at a later stage. Pregnant women who face problem of gestational diabetes should know what is type 2 diabetes and keep a keen watch for any symptoms and make necessary changes in the lifestyle and food habits. Understanding what is type 2 diabetes and being prepared to face it is one great way to control and keep away from diabetes. Women who have gestational diabetes in their ancestry should also check their blood glucose levels regularly to make sure that they do not become diabetic at some stage of their pregnancy.

What is Type 2 Diabetes

There are several symptoms which can help in understanding what is type 2 diabetes and how to identify it in the early stage. With proper knowledge about the type 2 diabetes symptoms, the individual can keep a check on the symptoms and in case of any doubt he can check his blood glucose level before the condition goes worse. Type 2 diabetes is often recognized with the tendency for frequent urination along with excessive thirst. This is easily noticeable and caused due to increased glucose in blood. The body’s osmotic balance leads to the extraction of water from the tissues to maintain the balance of blood and this causes excessive urination with glucose passed even in urine. This condition if left unnoticed can exert pressure on the kidneys and lead to its weakening.

Diabetic weight gain is another aspect to be known about what is type 2 diabetes. People who are overweight have excess fat deposition in the body tissues which block the utilization of the blood glucose by them. It was after years or research that this connection between overweight and diabetes was established and a better insight on what is type 2 diabetes was given. But, not all obese people contract diabetes neither the thin people on the safer side.

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